The Hammam Experience

March 26, 2017


The ancient Greeks celebrated the virtues of daily bathing, judging it to be not only therapeutic, but also social. The tradition was taken up, and enhanced, by the Romans, who transformed what had been modest facilities into grand structures, often incorporating gymnasia and even public libraries. Soon, the wealth and importance of a city could be judged by the number of public baths to be found there.

The tradition of bathing was also an important aspect of Islamic culture, and was closely associated with the beliefs of the faith. The Islamic Moroccan hammams, evolved from their Roman roots to adapt to the needs of ritual purification according to Islam. For example, in most Roman-style hammams, one finds a cold pool for full submergence of the body.

The traditional Hammam is known around the world as a method of cleansing and relaxation is a journey taking the guest through various hot and steamy rooms, bathing in cold plunge pools until arriving the heart of the Hammam. Once relaxed on the heated marble slab, the expert therapist begins its treatment with a dynamic exfoliation beginning with the back and moving on to the face, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, hips, legs and feet, leaving the guest with a whole new skin.

Back in the days, the brides to be would pamper themselves for hours in the various rooms of the hammams in the persuit of personal beauty. They would receive skin treatments, body wraps together with the traditional black soap. Those rituals were spend in the company of friends showing once more the importance of social aspect of the hammam.


• Rehydrates skin and soothes redness and flakiness.
• Improves skin elasticity and clarity.
• Improves the skin color (whitening)
• It works as an anti-ageing procedure.
• Balances oil secretion in the skin and controls acne.
• Refines skin texture by removing dead skin layers.
• Nourishes skin with vitamins and minerals.
• Enhances deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
• Reduces stress and anxiety.

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