Trends in SPA Design

February 7, 2017

In short, one of the trends which is currently embraced by many is the Med SPA. This has shown an increase in preventive treatments and related services. People are becoming health conscious which leads to a closer collaboration between SPAs and healthcare. Therefore we are certain that SPAs will continue to increase their role within the wellness and not being seen only as a way of relaxation. Another popular trend is Green Conscious – sustainability is the way forward for this new century and SPA goers are more aware than any. Lastly, technology (Apps & Social Media) – Get connected with your guests or they will disconnect from your SPA.

Generally the SPA design in Middle East reflects the cultural heritage. Therefore many SPAs portray the local culture which consists of Islamic influences. The wealth of stylized repeating decorative styles through geometric patterns are often seen in the design of the SPAs in the MEA Region.

Design should always follow function. Frequently, spas are designed magnificently but without taking into consideration how they will work for guests and staff. When designing a SPA, future expansions and ways of integrating upcoming treatments and technologies should be considered in order to keep a spa up-to-date with developments and trends. Also very important is integrating the SPA with the Local Culture and Community whilst creating a philosophy that will distinguish themselves from the existing competition, giving the SPA a sense of place and authenticity. Likewise should be integrative with the Hotel thematic and Spirit, it should not be an isolated island so it is not seen as an unreachable experience only available to a few. Finally, on this fast paced society it is tremendously important to think ahead how to move forward in the future. When designing a SPA, future expansions and ways of integrating upcoming new treatments and technologies should be considered in order to keep your SPA up with the developments and trends.

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